About Us

Since its inception in 1970, the non-profit Community Crisis Services, Inc. has become a one-stop calling center for information and compassionate assistance for those in crisis. Calling the Hotline is often the first step an individual makes to access the mental health services and social service organizations within the community. We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for anyone facing crisis and personal turmoil.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive crisis services that are efficient, accessible, responsive, and fully integrated into the community.


Steward Combo’s & Mike Kardos began the process of starting the Prince George’s County Hotline as a program of the Mental Health Association. The Hotline also begins hotline service for the hearing impaired.


The Prince George’s County Hotline becomes the first Hotline in Maryland to be accredited by the American Association of Suicidology. The Following Programs being: Face to Face Crisis Counselling outreach program; Victim’s Assistance program for victims of violent crimes; Survivors of suicide self-help support group; Homeless hotline; Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program in High schools; Rappers School group; Protective Services for children and adults; and the Peer Teen line. The agency name officially changes to the Prince George’s County Hotline & Suicide Prevention Center and separates from the Mental Health Association.


The Hotline becomes one of six state hotlines to participate in the Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline Network making Maryland the only statewide decentralized hotline network. The hotline begins a homeless prevention program. Prince George’s Crisis Response System & the Anne Arundel Warmline begin with the Hotline being the call center.


The Hotline formally changes it’s name to Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSi). The following programs being: Triumphant Teens; AIDS/Spanish AIDS Hotline; Language Line providing translation in over 200 language; GLBTQ Outreach program; Anger Violence Hotline; Post Partum Depression Warmline. CCSi serves as the Sniper Hotline, Critical Incident Call Center, West Nile hotline. CCSi also began answering all intake calls for reports of child abuse and neglect in Prince George’s County and started as a pilot center for 2-1-1 Maryland.

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